Design expertise can take us only so far. In the end, a physical product needs to be created using the materieals best suited for it. This means sourcing for the best fabrics, trims, techniques and effects. It is important to examine and research what is happening in the world, so we are constantly updating our fabric library and supplier lists to always present the most up to date offerings.

While India has several excellent fabric qualities to offer, it would be limiting to restrict our clients to only locally produced materials. To this end, we have a team within the purchase department to source and import materials from around the world. Ordering, quality control and timely delivery can be a challenge in a foreign country (especially Asia), but fortunately over several years, we have developed a network of trusted suppliers and in-house expertise to undertake this activity on a regular basis.

So whether it is silks & silk blends from China, acetates & nylon from Korea, polyester from Taiwan or cotton & viscose from India, you are likely to find the quality of your choice in our collection and with duty free import at prices on par with the country of origin.

For new developments, our laboratory and technical staff can quickly analyze most requests and figure out how to develop the same to meet your specifications and price target.